Creating and maintaining a positive relationship with influential bloggers. Open2Europe can assist you in developing relations with bloggers, vloggers and opinion leaders.

With the development of the web, blogger relations has become an essential component in PR. Bloggers, Tweeters and even YouTubers benefit from an audience in the digital sphere that gives them a position of influence often more significant than that of the mass media, and this is an influence on numerous areas: high-tech, fashion, beauty.

Our French and International teams maintain a positive relationship with many bloggers and opinion leaders in your field. Blogger relations are very specific and don’t necessarily follow the same rules as traditional PR, and since they are passionate opinion leaders and experts in their sector, they are not like professional journalists. They are passionate about a particular subject and blog for fun. Therefore, to get a blogger on side with your brand, it is imperative to create a positive relationship that benefits both parties.


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Our responsibilities for developing positive relations with bloggers:

  • Identification and tracking of the most influential blogs within your sector
  • Creation of content adapted to each individual blogger
  • Maintaining personal contact with each identified blogger
  • Organisation of ambassador programs
  • Organisation of events specifically for bloggers and vloggers
  • Creating partnerships