crisis communication

Faced with the growing complexity of crises, to the rise of social networks, the speed of information propagation, public mistrust and fragmentation of opinion, crisis communication has become a key issue which brands need to prepare for.

A crisis is an event which is likely to attract the interest and opinions of the media and bloggers, yet it is also an opportunity to generate value for a brand or a company if it is well managed.

Our teams work with companies facing change. We help them prepare for crisis situations by first anticipating them, running a risk audit and developing devices to implement (messages, tools, crisis cells etc.) before, during and after a crisis.

Our multinational team of consultants can accompany you throughout Europe and help isolate any crisis within a restricted environment, stopping it from developing further.

Our community managers will ensure the preservation of your e-reputation in defusing the crises that spread on social networks which can sometimes turn into « bad buzz ». Fast access to information across the Internet allows us to continuously monitor potential crisis signals in order to help us respond effectively.

Our content creation team provides your assigned spokespersons with strategic content and advice which will help restore market confidence and public opinion of your brand following a crisis event.