influence marketing

Our digital and international teams are on your side, helping define influence strategies adapted to your problems, and offer your brand maximum exposure and influence on the internet.

Due to the disappearing of traditional media, influence creates and cultivates itself, more and more via digital media and through online influencers; trend, idea and demand creators, capable of modifying the opinions and behaviour of consumers.

What is an influencer? Set apart from traditional journalists, today, there exist influencers who make use of different expression spaces (blogs, social media, and forums) in order to diffuse content towards an active and engaged community. Depending on their influence potential, these publications will have a direct and powerful impact on the reputation of your brands.

Our objective: To use the influence power of these active web users and convert them into your brand ambassadors.

Keys to succeeding in your influence marketing:

  • Research, identify, target and nurture key influencers of your sector (journalists, experts, personalities, opinion leaders, online influencers)
  • Address content to the correct targets via reliable channels at opportune moments.


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