Understand your environment and challenges. Being visible, desirable, and having a large range of products and services are the challenges which brands face in the modern market, where simply having a strong reputation isn’t enough to help them continue prominently in the world wide web.

This digital transformation and the emergence of key opinion leaders have vastly changed the way we manage communications and PR in general.

By focusing on you and your objectives, we can help you increase your media coverage and online presence by presenting you unique solutions that specifically meet your needs and demands.

Whether you are a start-up, a large business or an institution (public or private), our experts can advise you and offer you bespoke influence strategies, employing a variety of different skills (brand content, PR, blogger and key opinion leaders relations, social media and e-reputation) to serve your interests and communication objectives. Some of these include; getting to know and selling your products and services; developing your brand image and immaterial assets; reinforcing your employment brand; improving your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); and creating and developing a community tailored to your market.



Our missions are grounded above all on a rigorous analysis of your environment and its challenges:

  • Audit of the existing market and its context (press and digital)
  • Evaluation of any issues and challenges
  • Analysis of your media impact and media perception of your brand
  • Analysis of your system of values and key messages
  • Analysis of your digital environment and social media interactions
  • Identification of the key factors that differentiate you from other brands
  • Defining your communications objectives by market and key target groups
  • Communications and influence strategy advice (corporate, consumer, crisis)
  • Elaboration of a plan of action for each target audience
  • Elaboration of your key messages and language elements
  • Development of measurement and performance indicators