Media training

In order to best prepare you for PR, our training team offer three different programs for public speaking training:

  • Have a better understanding of the specificities of journalists and the media in general
  • Learn to prepare for your speech
  • Know how to build an effective and hard-hitting speech
  • Be confident in the way you speak and look
  • Express yourself clearly
  • Keep the audience’s attention and be convincing
  • Develop your charisma
  • Learn to keep on top of your emotions
  • Be able to recognise the signs of a crisis situation
  • Know how to react well to a crisis situation
  • Anticipate in order to avoid a crisis
  • Know how to communicate with the media

Available in several languages, our training programs are customised to meet your exact needs, and we cover an expansive range of sectors. We have a pan-European expertise which allows us to adapt our training to each individual country you are present in.