Our digital teams (creatives, technicians, content creators, community managers) will deploy the necessary means to create and develop your influence on the web. For this, they use technology tools which allow them to identify the key influencers of your sector and market, and permit them to directly interact with these influencers.

The profile of influencers has changed. Set apart from traditional journalists, online influencers are influential people within your sector benefitting from an important network of web users, listening to their recommendations. It is essential to integrate these individuals within your communication strategy.

Some keys to succeed with your online influence strategy

Dividing and targeting to influence more effectively. A blogger or active social media user (a journalist, personality, expert, Twitter or Instagram user) will address themselves towards a community engaged and attracted by their online content. For example, certain communities may be specialised in fashion, beauty or technology. It is therefore recommended that the messages of your strategy be adapted to each particular audience, indeed to each influencer, in order to reach out to highly targeted domains which are generally loyal to information delivered by influencers or written on blogs.

Producing high quality content to generate support. Thanks to their audience, influencers will serve as announcers for your messages, but furthermore, they can become true communicators of your influence, notably via social media. Spreading appropriate content via reliable channels at opportune moments is the way to achieve this. The regular readers of a blog, followers of a Twitter account, or fans of a Facebook page will only relay information if it seems interesting, relevant, creative and new to them.



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