PR is a cornerstone for your influence strategy, whatever your online and offline communication objectives.

Our team of media consultants and press agents (both French and international) can elaborate and implement your PR strategy, in line with your company objectives in corporate and crisis, product and brand management, and B2B and B2C. By preparing your communications and prioritising PR actions in accordance with the public and different targeted media (on and offline press, written or audio-visual, national or regional, general or specific), we achieve your personalised PR and influencer strategy.

Open2Europe is present across Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. Thanks to our international team and our centralised organisation, we can adapt to your requirements and demands for each country. We can also establish an international coordination hub suitable for your organisation which will be made up of a project manager and bilingual (or even trilingual) consultants. The advantages of such a system are: an optimised management of your PR, and a better consistency of your messages and communications across all your markets.

Furthermore, in order to accommodate to your needs, our international teams work in direct collaboration with expert consultants in other sectors who have a profound knowledge in your specific market, such as, high-tech, consumer goods, tourism, and agri-food.

Our team of media consultants help you with linguistic efforts, elaborate your press documents (press releases and folders), maintain a good relationship between you and the media (on and offline press, written and audio-visual) and actively search for any public speaking opportunities for you and organise them accordingly.



Our PR solutions for developing your reputation/ increasing your influence:

  • Analysis of your media impact and competitors
  • Elaborating, approving and updating your press documents
  • Definition and composition of all your interpretations and key communications
  • Elaboration of press tools (press releases and folders, expert advice, opinion articles and open forums)
  • Diffusion of press tools at the right time to the right journalists
  • Organisation of press events (press tours, factory visits, press conferences)
  • Organisation of speaking opportunities at trade shows on an international scale
  • Organisation of interviews and informal meetings
  • Digitalisation of your media relations: 2.0 content, online press space