Corporate communications demand a particular expertise that is held by our very own specialised consultants at Open2Europe. This particular kind of communication needs to pass through a certain strategy: HR, commercial, production, and finance, which allows the company to reach out to its various audiences as well as the relevant media.

We understand your business environment and its potential challenges. Therefore, our team of experts give you the opportunity to communicate and reach out to all those who hold an invested interest in your company, such as your clients, collaborators, strategic partners, public authorities and opinion leaders, while preserving the identity and set of values of your organisation.

Whether you are a start-up or a fast growing company, a large business or an institution, our corporate and institutional communication experts can assist you with the creation of your PR strategy to help you achieve your desired brand image and reputation goals. We can help to reveal your purpose and reinforce your legitimacy within your market. We assist your development and raise you to the higher echelons amongst the key players in your market, manage crisis situations, and reinforce your employment brand for recruiting and attracting new talent.…

Our teams work with journalists in all sectors of the media; on and offline, written and audio-visual, professional and sectorial media, economic and financial, business and entrepreneurial (including expert bloggers in each field of activity).

We can advise and assist you in the production of your digital content (expert advice, open forums, White Pages, etc.), as well as bring your news to the media’s attention (annual reports and results, new development strategy, innovations, partnerships). Furthermore, we organise events such as press conferences, press breakfasts, lunches, briefings, and round table discussions, and publicise your communications to the media by setting up interviews and informal meetings (either live or recorded).

Our main concern is to create long-lasting and trustful relationships between you, the journalists and the influential actors; and to establish you as a source of information, a key opinion leader and a point of reference within your market.

Thanks to our international presence, we undertake the task of communicating to all those within your multiple markets. Our Open2Digital team can also advise you in the definition and implementation of your strategy of influence via social networks (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

Some of our key client references include: