Nowadays, there is a vast supply of artistic and cultural events in our society. Our cultural team have organised a global communications system in line with the current cultural, political and social situation.

Our Culture and Leisure department is active in all fields of Arts and Culture (visual art, architecture and urban planning, design and decoration, heritage, philanthropy and foundation, cultural tourism, etc.). Our team can promote all of your special events in the UK and abroad, such as, cultural festivals, exhibition openings, cross-cultural events, book signings, film premieres, conferences and symposiums. Whether you have an event in mind for the near future or a long term plan for a venue or an artistic project, our team is there to help you implement your communications strategy, devise your digital content and give life to your projects.

Once faced with your specific needs, our consultants, who have a profound knowledge of the world of culture, are able to create a customised communications strategy for you, which is not only adapted to meet media expectations, but also the expectations of your target audience. In order to maximise media exposure, our team will ensure the construction of effective and professional relations with the press (written, TV, radio and online), as well as the “new key opinion leaders” (bloggers).

Furthermore, thanks to our European consultants and our branches in China, North America and Africa, we are more than capable of promoting your events and brands on an international scale.

Our Open2Digital team can also advise you in the definition and implementation of your strategy of influence via social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.)


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