food and drink

Our Food & Drink division is made up of consultants who are passionate about gastronomy, culinary arts and lifestyle. As true professionals, we have a solid understanding of the sector and its challenges and are able to assist all kinds of food industry actors (retail, national brands, private labels, local/foreign franchises, industries, corporations, craftspeople, restaurants etc.).

Apart from traditional media campaigns, we acquire a unique perspective of how to drive engagement through partnerships, events and social media programmes to help our clients increase brand value and achieve long-term growth.

Media tours, factory visits, recipe creation, professional shoots, culinary workshops, round table meetings and assistance in industry and public exhibitions (e.g. SIAL SIRHA, Sandwich & Snack Show, Salon du Chocolat) – these are some examples of how we implement strategic campaigns in response to our clients’ needs.

In addition, Open2Europe organises a full day event dedicated to the media and blogging community called “Food Speed Shopping”, which provides a great opportunity to maximise brand exposure for our clients. Organised twice a year (in March/April and September/October), the event attracts over 200 bloggers and journalists and offers a unique opportunity to present new products with exclusive previews and establish close relationships with key influencers.

These influencers includes all types of media professionals (online/ offline, TV, radio) covering news ranging from lifestyle, culinary, industry, consumer, family, health to nutrition; and not to mention another key group of influencers, culinary and lifestyle bloggers. Working closely with our Open2Digital agency, we drive social media programmes to raise your brand awareness on key social networks which is indispensable in today’s world: e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

With our European consulting teams and subsidiaries based in China (Open2China), North America (Open2America), and Africa (Open2Africa), we have all the necessary resources to maintain the world-renowned status of French cuisine abroad and increase the visibility of international products on local territory.


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