Open2Europe, founded in 2001, was established to address and overcome the communication challenges faced by companies operating in B2B and new technology sectors. Since then, our team of consultants have been offering their expertise to a large variety of clients (ranging from startups, SMEs to multi-nationals). On a daily basis, we operate in areas related to cloud computing, cyber security, robotics, big data and e-commerce.

From organising press trips, product launches and factory visits to writing media releases and opinion, our team is at your service to develop strategic communication programs which are tailored to your business needs. In the media industry, trade publications have a unique position as they publish quality editorial content with profound sectorial knowledge and cater to well-defined niche targets. B2B professionals have everything to gain from reading these publications.

Moreover, thanks to the proximity of our Open2Digital agency, we are able to offer advice and manage your professional presence on different social networks.

Meeting with the media, industry stakeholders and various members of the public is essential in amplifying your brand expertise and presence. To help you with this, our team makes a point of accompanying you at major trade shows such as Paris Retail Week, Mobility for Business Expo Protection, Intranet Solutions and Collaborative Work, IT partners… These trade shows help our clients achieve both their commercial and communications objectives.

When it comes to working in the B2B sector, we are more than just a working extension to our clients. We are passionately interested in our clients’ businesses, and work closely with them to ensure that our PR activity supports their business objectives, in order to achieve an impactful approach.

Present in several continents, Open2Europe is ready to support you in global campaigns through our subsidiaries in China (Open2China), North America (Open2America), and Africa (Open2Africa).

Our Open2Digital team can also advise you in the definition and implementation of your strategy of influence via social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.)

Some of our key client references include:

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